Part One

Part One of the Social Inclusion Project

I’ve thought about different ways that people can start to feel better about themselves and more involved with people around them so that they can feel less lonely. It’s difficult because quite simply there is no one-size-fits-all-solution.

However, I believe that if you want to feel more involved and more included you need to show an interest in what is around you. The people and places around you, that you have access to. By default, many people are quick to point out what people could/ should be doing differently or better. To varying degrees, we’re all quick to criticise rather than focusing on what someone does well or what their good qualities are.

I would love it if you would also post praise for someone, whether you know their name or not, who does something fantastic. It might be that they make the best coffee, they have a contagious laugh, are diligent at work – anything.

You can even praise yourself. I do this all the time. I praise myself for cooking something yum, for achieving everything I set out to do for the day, for being creative, for working out for more than three days in a row – the list is endless! My self praise usually starts with either “I’m so clever”, “how good am I!” or “I’m very proud of myself”.

The purpose of this, is to start looking for the good in people and in yourself. If you do it often and make it a habit you will develop more self-confidence than you currently have, and you will start to see just how great the world around you is. Over time, as your confidence an appreciation grows, you may find yourself with new friends or new relationships. You need to start somewhere though. Start here.

Your Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Post some genuine praise for someone (whether you know them or not)
  2. Tag us
  3. Add #TheSocialEffect

I considered starting a group for the purpose of posting praise, and its limited to people who join the group… which defeats the purpose.

Have fun!