Part Two

Part Two of the Social Inclusion Project

Part Two of the Social Inclusion Project is all about reaching people who don’t ask for help or share how they feel, so we can inspire and empower them with a story of resilience. They will probably laugh, cry and even pout their way through The G.F. List as many people before them have.

On Valentine’s Day 2014, the G.F. List Crew and myself, launched the Hurricane Love Giveaway and left thirty-eight copies of The G.F. List all over Melbourne for people to read-and-leave for someone else to find.

Each book we gave away was dedicated to a chapter in my book. (There is one copy of The G.F. List out there that is dedicated to my now fiancé. He was once on my G.F. List by the way… But let’s not get into that now.) Since 2014 I have received emails from several people updating me on where they found my book and what they did with it. I can recall at least two had made their way to the United Kingdom and one was relocated to Europe.

Since then, my sneaky G.F. Crew and I have left copies in New York, Montreal and a café in Paris. There are copies everywhere but I know I can do more, and I really love the covert operations that we have been involved in to-date. So, I have decided to combine these elements for Part Two of the Social Inclusion Project.

Join me in inspiring and empowering others so that people can feel accomplished, appreciated and worthy of great things happening in their lives and shake off this rubbish feeling of loneliness that is so harmful. Part One really focuses on this key concept and Part Two is about reaching out to the people who may feel lonely. It’s hard to identify who is actually lonely which is what I find frustrating, but I want to help.


What’s Happening?


Copies of The GF List

I am going to be leaving copies of The G.F. List around Melbourne again over the next eight weeks, with some instructions for the person who finds each copy.

I’ll keep you updated with where these have been left, so be sure to get social and keep up-to-date. There might also be a copy making its way to Rome… so stay tuned.

If you’re not in Melbourne, don’t worry, I have something up my sleeve for you too. This is a social inclusion project, so everyone around the world will be included.




How To Be Part of The Social Inclusion Project:

1. If you don’t have a copy already, order your copy of The G.F. List and write a message in the front cover – something like this:

Social Inclusion Instructions - Part Two

2. Leave your copy in a café, at the airport, on the train… wherever you like for someone else to find.

3. Take a photo of your book and share it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ with #TheSocialEffect

4. Give yourself a pat on the back.


Big changes start in the smallest of places. 

Make your move.


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Make your move.